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Senior High Youth Group (SHYG)

It looked like all who attended our Mooseheart visit had a good time. Here’s a quick recap for parents and those who couldn’t make it…

We started the evening with a tour of the Mooseheart property. Mooseheart has been around since 1913. It is a complete community, providing education, sports and extra-curricular activities, home-life, and responsibilities similar to what we experience in our own lives. There are currently approx. 2,000 children living there whose families are unable to care for them in a wholesome environment. They live in residences of about 10 children, grouped by age & gender, and led by 2-3 Family Teachers. Each home is sponsored by a state Moose organization. We saw first-hand what a wonderful job they are doing at Mooseheart. The youth that we met were very outgoing and friendly!

After the tour, we enjoyed dinner and mingling games with some of the Mooseheart youth. The theme was “St. Patrick’s Day Luau,” so we especially had fun with the “create a grass skirt” contest. Then the youth helped to put together a video of reflection on Jesus’ last days, which will be aired on Easter. Please plan to come to church at 10:45am on Easter Sunday, 3/31/13, to hear their wonderful thoughts! We ended the evening with a lesson by Rev. Tom. Here’s a summary of his message: We all have busy lives and sometimes have really tough weeks. But think about the last week in Jesus’ life. More than 30% of the gospels are devoted to this week because it was so significant—going from the highs of when Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, to the lowest of lows when he was arrested, crucified, and died, and finally the ultimate high when he was resurrected. And he endured all that for us! Whenever you have a really tough week, remember this last week in Jesus’ life, and keep your faith in God. He will always come through for us in the end!

---- Mrs. Peraino, Mrs. Kirkman, & Mrs. Walter

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