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Passionate people growing through prayer, practice and play.

COVID-19 Church CLOSED until Nov. 23rd
WORSHIP SERVICES - Sunday @ 9:30 am
To attend in person, you must send to the church by Thursday: Instructions & Screening and Waiver
Video Service, Attendance, All videos.
LUMC Tuesday Night Virtual Fellowship! @7pm
This will be a 30 minute Zoom session hosted by Phil and led by Debbie Hassert, Bill Price, and GleeAnn on a rotational basis. Each session will start with general conversation as folks enter the meeting and greet each other. About half way through, the leader will provide a devotional, or a message, or a lesson meant for reflection by all attending. The schedule is as follows:
Nov 17 - Bill, Nov 24 - Phil (Debbie Host),
Dec 1 - Gleeann, Dec 8 - Debbie,
Dec 15 - Bill

To attend, you must contact Phil Ramos at
630-740-1513 or bolingbrookramos@gmail.com and he will send you an invite to the Zoom Session. Hope to "see" you all on Tuesday!
Methodist Mens' Zoom Meeting
Sat Nov. 14, 2020 8am – 8:45am
Open Food Pantry is open every Tuesday thru Thursday from 9:30 AM to 12:30 AM only by Drive Through to pick up the bag outside of the church building. No in-person contact.
pantry needs paper towels, pork and beans,
mac and cheese, tuna,
chili, hash,
spaghetti, pasta sauce.

Pledge 2021 - Letter and Pledge Card
Altar Ministry Staff
Pastor: Rev. Hyo Sun Oh
Administrative Assistant: Vanessa Urban
Accompanist: Bob Gergescz
Chair Director: Sue Gergescz
Praise Band: Leslie Ramos
Junior Choir: Cris Kerins

For prayer or visitation
. . . Call Pastor Hyo Sun Oh at (630)257-5210.

HAPPY HANDS Methodist Preschool
Children ages 2-5
Mrs. Karin Peraino, Director
Phone: (630) 257-3112

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