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Rainbow Covenant & Loose Change Sunday

Loose Change Sunday is designated as the FOURTH Sunday of each month. All loose change collected in the offering on those days will be donated to our Rainbow Covenant Charities. Even a small contribution can make a significant difference when it is combined with the contributions from other churches. Through the Rainbow Covenant, our church provides monetary donations to pre-approved charitable efforts throughout the world. These charities are divided into six different categories, designated as different color bands of the rainbow. Each month we will highlight one of these charities. If you would like to make a larger donation to that specific cause, please use a pew envelope and write the name of the charity on the outside. Any church that pays their full apportionment and contributes to all six bands of the rainbow is designated as a Rainbow Covenant Church. LUMC has proudly been a Rainbow Covenant Church every year, for over 20 years! Let’s keep the trend going. Please look for more information on each of these important ministries throughout the year and plan to drop your loose change in the offering plate on the fourth Sunday of each month. Thank you!

FYI, Special Sundays are no longer considered part of the Rainbow Covenant but we still do collections on some of these days: Human Relations Day (1/19/20), Souper Bowl Sunday (2/02/20), UMCOR Sunday (3/22/20), Peace w/ Justice Sunday (6/07/20), World Communion Sunday (10/04/20), and UM Student Day (11/29/20)

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